Can You Learn to Love Yourself?

Yoga is a journey we all take. It’s a road paved with ups and downs that mirror your life. The stresses and strains pull us in different directions. Even though it can be tough, adversity through our yoga journey can teach us some valuable lessons.

Letting go

As much as we try, we can’t always be in control. With our practice we can see this, with each asana and stretch there are limits to our control. Just because we want the perfect alignment, doesn’t mean our bodies can physically manage it every time we practice. Learning to let it go by not forcing ourselves beyond our abilities is an incredibly valuable lesson to learn.

Relaxing is hard work

Anyone who has tried to calm their mind and shut out their thoughts in savasana will know how difficult relaxing can be. Learning to relax is an extremely beneficial skill for the body and the mind and it can take time to master.

Listening to our bodies

We’ve all been guilty of it. Going hell for leather and pushing our bodies too hard and then feeling the effects for weeks afterwards. Forcing your body into a pose when you’re not ready can result in tears, injuries and strains. So learning to listen to and respecting our bodies is a very valuable lesson.

Self kindness

Learning how vital it is to practice self-kindness. Leaving our negative, self critical talk outside and bringing an open minded, self caring attitude to the studio. This translates into giving ourselves positive encouragement and also allows us to know when we’ve have had enough.

No perfectionism in yoga

perfectionistPerfectionism is a lost cause. What’s going to happen when you achieve the perfect asana? Everyone’s idea of perfect is different which makes it impossible to achieve. You need to find what’s right for you, now, today and be comfortable that will be different tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

The rewards of practice

Whilst perfectionism isn’t sought in yoga, practice is still encouraged to strengthen our bodies and open our minds in the hope of exceeding our own limitations. Flexibility comes with exercising both our minds and our bodies.

It’s okay to have limits

Knowing your limitations without entering into self criticism or negative talk is a lesson in itself. Only then can we hope to improve in a positive way whether that means pushing ourselves a little or taking it easy with some extra meditation.

If you’re looking to bring a little more love into your life this weekend, Sophia Pallaro is hosting her Love Yourself Yoga & Meditation Workshop on Sunday July 10th 12:30-14:45.

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