Winter poses to beat those colds & flus

Poses that open the chest, throat and sinuses will limit congestion and support your respiratory organs. We have gathered some poses to invigorate and warm the kidneys. Also clearing away mucus and phlegm. It is important to stay focused on staying well over the busy festive season when we love to overindulge. These poses are metabolically invigorating and will help stimulate lymphs and avoid stagnation.

Like any fitness routine clear some space in your week to focus on keeping your body healthy. Create a clear space at home or join us for one of our winter workshops. Our ever-popular restorative yoga workshop continues on Sunday, a gentle practice to give your body some valuable time to rest and heal.

Sun Salutation  To build heat in the body and start your practice. (Tutorial from Yoga with Luna) Do 6-12 rounds

Shoulderstand & Fish Pose This backbend/inversion opens the throat and chest and supported inversion helps with stagnation of lymph. (Tutorial from Yoga with eckhartyoga) Do three times

Bow Pose: Open your chest with this backbend. (Tutorial from GeoBeats) Do up to three sets.

Locust pose: This “baby backbend” opens the chest while strengthening the back.  (Tutorial from Yoga with eckhartyoga) Do up to three sets.

End your practice with Savasana: To completely relax your body & mind and gently come into the present.


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