The what, how & why of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

What is Vinyasa Yoga?
Vinyasa is a dynamic style that uses a progressive series of postures accompanied by breathing exercises. One movement flows into the next in a calm rhythm. The word “vinyasa” means breath synchronized by movement often called “vinyasa flow” because the poses flow together with the in and out of the breath.

Enjoy this 30 minute video: The perfect practice for beginners

Why Vinyasa Yoga?

Detoxify & Purify Yourself: Although we emit impurities & eliminate toxins through our blood, kidneys & skin our lungs also play a vital role in this process. So breathe deeply & often to cleanse and energize. As we sweat during practice, the flow of one movement into the next creates heat, helping to expel toxins and deliver the important nutrients and oxygen to organs and tissues in our body. Your skin will look fantastic.

Centre & Energise Yourself: After a few weeks of regular practice you will notice your mind quieten down, your focus will get stronger. If you manage an hour of yoga after a chaotic day it will shift your perspective to a more peaceful state of mind. Yogis say the breathing exercises help release energy blockages in the body and focus the mind. It’s like a physical form of meditation. A regular Yoga practice is the perfect way to create more energy in the mind energising you for the day ahead.

Accept Yourself: One of the teachings in yoga is to accept yourself where you are. There may be others in the class who are stronger, more flexible or more experienced, but the whole point of the exercise is to accept where your body is at the moment. Learn to let go of frustrations and accept your abilities – this is a great lesson to apply to many areas of life!

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Watch this gorgeous sequence to inspire you to keep your practice going.

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