Upside Down, Inside Out – A Hand Balancing Master Class with Bev Porrino

Inverted postures revitalise us. The take the weight off the legs, improve circulation and stimulate the glandular system. They improve concentration and can help with disturbed sleep patterns.

In this master class we will work through a number of inverted postures from shoulder stands – Sarvangasana cycle. Sisasana – head stands and Ardo Mukha Vrksasana – Hand stands. We will learn about wrist anatomy and how to strengthen them. We will explore bone stacking and how to find our centre of gravity. We will build confidence and endurance and we will learn to fall.

When we turn our world upside down, we become afraid. Afraid of falling and fall we must. Falling safely, with grace, is a skill and once you learn to fall, staying up will become easier.

‘That’s not flying. That’s falling with style.’ Woody – Toy Story.

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