Turn On your Off Switch – For Very Tired People

Let’s face it — we live in an age of endless and relentless distractions. 

Most of us are overwhelmed by a deluge of incoming data, choices, and information.

And although we yearn for quiet and stillness we just don’t  know how to switch off the endless, numbing chatter.

Yoga helps, we know this, but sometimes our bodies are too wound up that  Yoga alone may not allow us to slow down for long enough.

Meditation and Mindfulness are also supportive yet it’s really difficult to sit still when our minds are buzzing and our stress hormones are causing us to almost jump out of our skin.

“I suffered from anxiety, shyness and overwhelm”

I know these places of ‘ too much, too fast’  as much of my earlier life I suffered from anxiety, shyness and overwhelm.  I HAD to become an expert in order to survive and manage these feelings that threatened to engulf me. I’ve  been really blessed in finding ways to manage my feelings of anxiety and to come through the other side.

This work of slowing down evolved over time into my life’s work, taking the guts of 25 years of training and exploration to finding the most effective practices to help calm anxiety and the ‘jumping-jack’ mind.

Saving My Sanity

These practices – which probably saved my sanity –  are based on my trainings in Hanna Somatics, Yoga, Trauma Resolution, Craniosacral Therapy and Trigger-Point Therapy.

They are at the basis of my upcoming workshop on March 4th – Turn On your Off Switch – and will teach you how to find your own ‘stillpoint’  – that quiet place within that you can learn to access whenever you need.

These ‘stillpoints’ can be activated through the use of trigger-point balls. Working on specific pressure points in the neck, jaw, and pelvis they signal our on-button in the brain into OFF  mode, taking us out of fight or flight,  calming the buzz of adrenaline that makes us feel wired. We re-wire the brain in this way so that it knows it’s o.k. to let go and drop into rest mode.

Stuck In Overwhelm

I use these practices when I’m stuck in overwhelm and wanting to just press the pause button for a little while.

We will also be exploring how to use resistance bands to bring you from 90 to zero in no time at all. Words just aren’t going to do justice to how effective they are in calming the rush of adrenaline that keeps us spinning. The bands work by holding and supporting the body, giving feedback into our neuro-sensory brain that our muscles don’t have to work right now. The muscles melt and rewire to patterns of ease giving rise to a deep sense of calm and inner spaciousness.

We will build on these two practices, interspersing them with slow, deep hip and psoas Yoga releases to increase the uptake of serotonin (our happy mood chemical) and release stress hormones.

“leaves you feeling grounded, alive and at ease”

Primarily this workshop will teach you how to turn off the part of our mind that is on constant ‘red alert’ and how to bring yourself back to yourself in a way that leaves you feeling grounded, alive and at ease.

This workshop will be great for anyone who needs some time out and who suffers from adrenal fatigue, foggy brain, tired all the- time syndrome or is simply overwhelmed by life and it’s constant demands.

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