Take a Deep Breath – Deirdre O’Connor

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1. Learn how to release the major muscles of breathing so that our breath becomes effortless, supporting our ability to deepen our yoga practice and find greater ease within poses.

2. Let go of the major muscles of anxiety in the abdomen and chest that cause shallow breathing leading to worry, low moods, constipation, IBS, apathy and tiredness, asthma, even insomnia

3. Release sluggishness and brain-fog and enliven yourself through increasing your natural supply of oxygen and mood balancing neuropeptides

4. Enter a more meditative state without struggle and quieten the mind

5. Helps with insomnia and enter the ‘rest and digest’ phase

6. End the struggle with trying to coordinate your breath and movement in your yoga-asana practice

Breathing is so fundamental to how we feel, to our levels of vitality and our ability to live our lives fully in a healthy way, and yet we hardly give it a second thought We may come to Yoga hoping that it will help us, but while Yoga teaches us the mechanics of how to breathe, it rarely teaches us the tools and mechanics of how and where to let go specifically, so that our breath energizes and supports us in deepening into the asanas In order to get the full benefit from our Yoga practice, and find our way to peace and calm, we have to get to the root of why we are not fully breathing.

How Do You Feel When You Hold Your Breath?

Think about how you feel when you hold your breath, suck in your belly, and ‘batten down the hatches when life becomes too much to handle. In this anxious state, our exhalations tend to grow short and choppy, we tighten our guts, hunch our shoulders and clench our jaw until the storm has passed. Temporarily this is o.k. For a lot of us though this becomes a habitual way of being rather than the temporary band-aid it should be, and over time we ‘forget’ how to let go of the constricted muscles of the belly, chest and diaphragm, and so live in a permanent contracted state of stress and low-lying anxiety and general depletion

This workshop will teach you lots of ways to let go of this habitual muscular contraction that leads to shallow breathing and robs us of that precious vitality and ability to face life’s challenges with a full deep breath Integrating traditional Yoga with exploratory and creative ways from my Untying the Knots programme we learn how to effortlessly open the chest, diaphragm, jaw and belly, freeing our breath and freeing our vitality so that we can rest in deeper ease.

€29 for a 2.5-hour workshop. 10% discount for unlimited members

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