Boost Your Energy With Tai Chi

No matter what age you are, it’s never too late to improve your health.

Many adults in today’s modern world are prematurely old. Poor nutrition, long working hours, mental stress, little exercise often combine to produce a body strained to the limits, putting further pressure on our emotions, which are inextricably linked to the health of the body.

Body Alignment

Many people are tense in one or more parts of their bodies. The initial posture of Tai Chi helps re-educate people about their natural alignments; the ones they had as a child. In fact, the purpose of most Taoist Chi Gung is to make your body as relaxed, loose and full of energy as you were as a child. No-one can keep up with children. When was the last time you tried to catch a 3 year old?

Strengthen nerves

As you get stronger through continued practice, your nerves strengthen and your body awareness is enhanced. You try to feel what is inside you. Most people have a very poor sense of feeling the “guts” inside them, yet this is what keeps you alive. As your ability to relax improves, and your health strengthens, your work capacity increases, and you will find yourself with more energy than you used to have. Moreover, the deep breathing induces bodily and mental calm as the heart rate is slowed and the nerves of the central nervous system are soothed.

Reduced Stress on the heart

The object of Tai Chi is not to make the heart pump stronger, but to increase the elasticity of the vascular system so the heart doesn’t need to pump as much, which provides it with more rest. Most people think that aerobic exercise is necessary to strengthen the heart and the lungs. While aerobic exercise does accomplish this, so does Tai Chi. Slow, deep, regular breathing and energy movement combine to work oxygen deeper into the tissues. In addition, the venous pumps in the legs are activated powerfully, allowing blood to get back to the heart efficiently. This prevents all sorts of circulatory disorders, like varicose veins.

Revitalise synovial fluid

Synovial fluid is found in the joints. It lubricates the joints, allowing flexibility, and when functioning as normal helps prevent arthritis and rheumatism. Tai Chi works with the synovial fluid by compressing and expanding it, preventing and reversing all sorts of joint problems because the synovial fluid, and the joint cavities, have no vascular tissue. Only the pumping motion of movement brings nutrient-rich fluid in.

Balance in your life

Perhaps, just perhaps, a daily dose of Tai Chi might help you to inject some balance into other parts of your world, whether in work or at home, that need some balance.

Is it time for you to try Tai Chi? Our 4 week Tai Chi Course with Younis Fakhfakh begins Tuesday the 2nd November. Join us if you want to improve your health and boost your energy levels.


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