Radiance -Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Sandra Lulei

A spark can be a new beginning, a shimmer, a different light on the horizon and radiance the luminosity of our own inner light.

In this Kundalini Yoga Workshop, we are exploring our own radiance and beauty to let our inner light shine brightly. The radiant body, one of the energy bodies in Kundalini Yoga, connects us with our own strength and courage to find our own worth and to be true to ourselves so we can create the resources necessary in challenging times. Radiance also explores the magnetic quality and we allow good things to come into our life.

Through a dynamic and energetic kriya (particular sequence of postures), pranayma (breath work), mudra (hand positions) and the use of mantra (chanting) we will be working with those energetic qualities and further assimilate those energies in shavasana (deep relaxation). We will finish with a meditation that expresses joy and gratitude in relation to the effect of a smile.

Suitable for mixed abilities. Prepare to sweat and enjoy. Explore your radiance and let your light shine.

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