Need some head space? Clear a path to clarity with Yoga

Do you find it tough to get quality time to yourself? Do you need some valuable head space to clear your thoughts and re-energise? Clear a path to clarity with Yoga.

Yoga increases Purity of thought

Practicing yoga reduces restlessness and inertia. The more rested and clear your mind is the less likely it is  to be constantly chattering, busy getting bogged down with negative thoughts.

Yoga calms your thoughts

Our mind can be compared to the ocean. When the waves are very active it’s impossible to see the stillness at the bottom; when the waves subside it’s easier to see the deep stillness. Usually our mind is very active: thinking, planning, worrying etc. Only when it becomes still and rested can we see and access the peace that resides in the inner core of our being and yoga is one way of helping that happen.

Yoga cleanses  

Our whole being functions because of the subtle life forces flowing in the body through more than 65,000 (nadis) subtle energy channels and many chakras (energy centres). The amount of energy that can flow through you depends on how open your chakras and nadis are. When they’re open and the prana is flowing smoothly, your mind is automatically clearer.

Breathing mindfully enhances clarity

Breathing techniques are of paramount importance in yoga. Your breath is connected to the state of your mind. When your mind is happy and clear, your breath is long and easy; when your mind is bombarded with anxious thoughts your breath becomes shorter and shallower. When you work consciously with your breath, as you do with yoga breathing techniques, you automatically create an environment inside yourself that is conducive to clear thinking. In fact your breath is your most powerful and effective tool for clearing your mind in a short amount of time.

Practice these techniques with this gentle routine at home, work through your worries body & mind.

Yoga increases your energy

When your energy is low you’ll be inclined towards feeling sad, negative, angry etc. In fact, sadness and depression are essentially connected to having low prana (life-force). Often when you’re sad you link it to an event or person, but much of the time sadness occurs in you because your prana is low. When your prana is high, your mind is naturally clearer.

If you would like to relax, de-cluttered your mind and prepare for the week ahead I will be offering a Love Yourself Mindful Yoga and Meditation Workshop this Sunday 21st August 2016.

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