Fluid Yoga Strength with Deirdre O Connor

Fluid Yoga Strength

Ever feel like your Yoga needs a little more strengthening power – not in a fast sweaty way – but more like a long slow stretchy kind of way that elongates and strengthens gently through the length of your spine all the way out to the full width and breadth of you.

Fluid Yoga Strength uses light resistance bands to bring an added dimension of lightness, fluidity and ‘move-ability’ to our Yoga without the gung-ho effort of traditional strength-training.

Adding resistance bands to a yoga practice can help build and strengthen muscles, illuminating areas of weakness or injury, waking up neuromuscular pathways to bring more ‘oomph’ to our muscles, fascia and bones. The tension and yield of the bands allow for deep, luxurious stretches in the shoulders, hips and back and increases our sense of being present and at home in our skin.

We also take time in-between the more active Yoga poses for restorative type movements, giving the muscles and fascia time to unwind as your whole body is held in a hammock-like suspension allowing our nervous system to drop back into stillness.

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