Feel lighter & brighter with our gentle Yoga poses

There are fundamental ways restorative yoga helps you feel lighter, your limbs feel stretched and your skin is brighter

When we’re completely relaxed, our body’s nervous system kicks in. This fundamentally helps the body to eliminate toxins, detox and cleanse the body.

Yoga strengthens the immune system, tones the body, boosts energy levels and is good for the heart, liver, kidney and digestive organs.  Unlike most other fitness regimes, You should feel more energised, calm and stretched straight away. Deep breathing brings oxygen to the lungs which calms down the mind. Yoga postures are designed to shift blood around the body which stimulates circulation which creates energy. The simple gentle poses massage the thyroid gland – the part of the body which regulates metabolism which assists weight loss.

Join us on Sunday for our workshop and give yourself a taste of just how great Restorative Yoga makes you feel!

Yoga teaches us to really connect with our body, so eating bad foods, those full of fats and sugars, is actually less appealing as you can feel the effects it takes on the body. As a result, you’ll choose to eat foods that make you feel good instead.

If you can’t make class try these excercises at home. The perfect routine to relax and take some quality time out with gentle stretching and deep breathing.



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