Chakra Tuning Workshop with Máirín O’Grady

A combination of deep and dynamic yoga workshops which move through the entire body and chakra system opening, activating, and vitalising both the body and spirit, creating an awareness throughout and balancing the energy within.

Who should do these workshops?

  • If you are feeling an imbalance in energy – twired (tired and wired) or low in energy
  • Those who are looking for time out for themselves/Those who are feeling stressed and or looking to relax
  • If you wish to build and boost a healthier, happier more connected reserve of energy within.
  • Those who wish to explore a deep physical practice of Yoga to connect with the Prana and energy within
  • If you are looking to deepen the spiritual practice of Yoga by finding connection within yourself

Why should you do it?

  • “Know thyself” Paying attention to our Chakras allow us to deepen our awareness of ourselves – highlighting areas in our life that may need a little more light and love.
  • Chakra specific Asana allows us to explore why we might be feeling certain restrictions in the body on a more emotional and spiritual level. Once we are aware, then we can begin to free this blocked or stuck energy.
  • Building a reserve of energy and moving from a more balanced space within ourselves benefits all of our interactions with others – making us less reactionary, reducing our stress levels, and allowing us to truly thrive.
  • Taking time out for yourself to fully be in the moving body rather than the thinking mind – allows us to leave our old or restrictive thought patterns behind freeing us of our limiting beliefs and allowing us to expand.
  • Awareness of the breath and Pranayama allow us to tap into our vital energy source (Prana, Chi, Ki) and to boost this energy.

Morning 10.30 – 12.30 Roots – Creativity – Power

Working with the lower body we will flow through a dynamic morning flow of standing Asana balancing and earthing through the feet, with some deep hip opening to activate into our lower chakras, taking us into our own centre and setting a solid foundation from which to move.

Afternoon 14:00 – 16:00 Love – Communication – Awareness – Peace

Focusing on the upper body we will move through a more Yin afternoon practice of opening, balancing, and lightening; relieving tension, releasing energy we no longer need and creating space to allow energy to flow.

We will finish with a deep relaxation, sealing our practice and fastening our connection with ourselves.

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