5 Ways To Get More ME Time.

I can see the raised eyebrows from here. Life is pretty full on. Between work, family and social commitments you haven’t a moment to breathe, never mind find some ‘me’ time in your life.

Adding ‘me’ time may seem selfish to begin with. Sitting your feet perched on the sofa while the laundry piles up. Losing time with your kids will leave you feeling too guilty to enjoy your “me” time.

Try to think of it this way. Taking a break for yourself will leave you feeling rested, relaxed and empowered. As a parent it will allow you to remain focused and calm when the kids are pushing your buttons.

so how to get started?

  1. Ask for help! As much as we love our families and friends, they aren’t psychic. They don’t notice our struggles.  So ask for help. Get your significant other on board, get the kids to pitch in.
  2. Simplify your life. Are your weekends a dizzying round of birthday parties and social events? Saying no to some of your social commitments at the weekends and focus on a couple of fun, family activities that will leave all of the family feeling relaxed and connected. This will give you valuable family time at a more relaxed pace.
  3. Schedule it into your week. Make Monday’s Mum’s yoga night, Dad’s footie night is Wednesday. You have as much right to activities on the weekly schedule as everyone else.
  4. Bring a friend. Going to a class with a friend is a great way of encouraging each other to attend while having a bit of fun. Attending with a friend increases your chances of returning to the class, thereby you keep up your ‘me’ time.
  5. Eliminate the time wasters.  How much time do you spend on Facebook? Checking work emails when you go home? 5 minutes? really just 5? 5 internet minutes equal 45 real world minutes. Yep, you just wasted 30 minutes of valuable ‘me’ time checking out photos of an event someone you knew 10 years ago went to and you didn’t.  Re-evaluate how you are spending your down time and see if you can use it to be a little more ‘me’.

For more help finding a little bit more ‘me’ join Sophia for her Love yourself yoga and meditation workshop this Sunday at 12:30 or check out Lisa’s online meditation.


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