4 tips for breathing during Tai Chi

In the world of Chinese philosophy, there are two concepts that Tai Chi focuses on: Qi and the Yin and Yang. Qi is energy that flows through your body, which can be blocked due to stress and other factors. The Yin and Yang are opposing elements present in the universe that must be kept balanced. If a person’s Qi is blocked, or the Yin and Yang are out of balance, you could feel very stressed and smothered.

Tai Chi is a meditative process which both unblocks and maintains the flow of Qi. It also keeps the Yin and Yang harmonious. This results in a feeling of relaxation, which will prevent health problems brought on by high levels of stress, like high blood pressure, sleep issues, and heart problems.

While doing tai Chi, you will experience a series of exercises that include deep breathing, and a gentle, graceful movement of the muscles. During this, the body will relax itself and allow the tension to be relieved. Tai Chi is a self-reliant exercise, so you go at your own pace.  You don’t have to worry about keeping up with other people.

There’s no equipment involved with Tai Chi, so once you learn the basics, you can do it anywhere! You can watch the video provided for exercise ideas. Also, the lack of equipment means there will be minimal stress put on your joints and muscles. When you leave a Tai Chi class, you will feel refreshed and relaxed. It’s like a nap and a work out all in one, who would have thought it?

4 tips for breathing during Tai Chi:

  •  Keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth
    It helps if you make an ‘L’ sound. Keep your tongue in the same place. It helps you concentrate on the movements you’re making (and helps avoid sticking your tongue out in concentration!).
  • Inhale and exhale from your nose only
    Focusing too much on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth will take focus away from the motions.
  • Aim to take deep, continuous breaths without pausing between inhale and exhale
    Since you are constantly moving, your breathing should be doing the same.
  • And of course…Relax!
    The more you relax, the more effective the exercise will be.


Tai Chi with Younis starts Tuesday 8th September. If you’re interested in exploring Tai Chi further this is the perfect place to get started.


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