Can Reflexology help fight stress?

Given the times we’re living in stress has become an endemic part of our lives. Many of us are looking to traditional and non-traditional approaches to reduce our stress levels.

Stress has become a factor in more scientific studies. Researchers have discovered that the more stress, anger and sadness someone experiences the less adept their bodies are to responding effectively. It’s almost as though the pressure exerted on the body by constant stress can cause it to go beyond its capacity to bounce back to normal.

Through relaxation the body is capable of dealing with the stresses placed on it. Reflexology is a low cost option to offset the effects of stress on your overall health.

Reflexology helps the body reach a place of deep relaxation which has the capacity to diminish the effects of stress. It gently encourages the body to move towards the improved functioning of all it’s systems.

It also works well with other treatment forms. So much so that it’s often used in conjunction with more traditional treatment strategies. It’s frequently used in cancer care as part of the treatment protocols as many cancer patients have found significantly reduced symptoms of anxiety, nausea and while displaying better pain management.

Reflexology won’t eliminate all of your symptoms but it should help alleviate a significant amount of the pressure which should give you time and space to help you to figure out which is the best way to get better.

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