60 Days To Change Your Life

After the spate of recent reports surrounding the increase in obesity and stress-related illness throughout Ireland, The elbowroom has decided to do something to help.

Throughout the coming year, The elbowroom will be working with certain individuals who need our help through a project called ’60 Days To Save Your Life’. Here’s The elbowroom head honcho Lisa Wilkinson discussing the project.

“I’m passionate about the state of our nation’s health, which appears to be deteriorating rapidly. I hope this project will show that any person young or old can turn their life around with the correct guidance. As a team, this is our biggest undertaking yet, and we are very excited to make a significant difference in peoples lives,”.

60 Days To Change Your Life

We are looking to show with the right therapeutic care, a healthy diet and regular exercise, any individual can make a significant, sustainable change to their physical & mental health which in turn will lead to a happier more productive life.

How We’re Going To Help

The elbowroom will provide:

1) Daily nutritious broths, smoothies & tonics from our Yin & Tonic Health Bar

2) A tailored program of yoga, Pilates and fitness classes created by one of Dublin’s best and most experienced teachers Susie Murray.

3) Full access to our multidisciplinary health clinic with treatment from some of the leading healthcare practitioners in their field:

Lisa Wilkinson – Health mentor
Susie Murray – Yoga/Pilates/Barre
Tara Healy – Psychotherapy
Sam Taylor & David Corbally – Acupuncture
Jonathan Wills – Osteopathy
Ciaran Aherne – Physical Therapy 
Jean McDonald – Craniosacral Therapy
Lee Ni Chinneide – Homeopathy


Follow The Project Online

Take inspiration and follow the candidate’s journey as they chart the progress they make throughout the 60-day programme. This will include daily social media updates, blogs, and interviews.

Meet Our Candidate – Tanya Sweeney

Tanya was working as a journalist at the age of 11 for her local newspaper (reporting on Dublin Zoo, the Coca-Cola factory and ‘backstage’ at McDonald’s, where the freebies left her in no doubt of her vocation), so it stands to reason that now she has reached her 40s and is still a journalist, she is plain knackered. After a brief interlude in the music industry, Tanya started working for Hot Press magazine in the nearly Noughties and now writes for the Irish Times, Irish Independent and Irish Daily Mail. She also runs Ladyshambles, a regular salon-style event in Dublin. 

Due to the hectic nature of her work Tanya has found it hard to maintain a good work/life balance. This can lead to a stressful life, something she hopes to address as part of the 60 Days To Change Your Life project.

“I’m looking forward to seeing if I can actually get rid of stress in my life. It’s the worst habit I have. I catastrophise everything. I’ve experienced depression and anxiety in the past, and I am hardwired to dread and freak out about everything. Stress is my default mode. It’s knackering. As you might imagine, I don’t sleep especially well, which brings its own set of problems.”



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