Veronica Larson

Posted by Hilmon on 14th January 2016

After training teachers for many years, Veronica founded Yoga Energy Medicine & Vibrational Transformation; a Training for Yoga Teachers, to provide a space where teachers, healers, seekers and leaders can gain profound insight into the healing aspects of working with subtle body anatomy and energy, beyond concepts, cognition, conditioning and personality!

She now works worldwide with individuals and organizations; to facilitate the greatest expression and coming forth into physical form, of our Innate Nature; through sessions, programs, trainings and retreats.

She is Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500hrs with 2000+ Yoga Practice and Training, Vipassana and Sumarah meditation, healing and consciousness training contact hours over 15 yrs; also certified along the way; Journey Work Practitioner (2yrs, Brandon Bays cellular/emotional healing process work), Awaken your Lightbody Teacher (2yrs), Access Consciousness™ Bars Practitioner and Facilitator (3yrs) Raw Food Chef and Fasting / Detoxing Nutritionist (8yrs).

Coupled with Veronica’s exceptionally finely tuned ability to function much like an inter-dimensional x-ray, is her innate ability to perceive the seed of what creates dis-harmony within an ‘operating system’, and to bring that into conscious awareness for transformation and healing, in a space of kindness, honesty and no judgement.

She navigates and guides people in their adventure of remembrance of who they are, supports their reconnection to the expanding consciousness beyond illusions of personality, cognition, time and space. Emerging from lifetimes and years of direct experience and grounded in the physical body, this practice ultimately brings people into an embodied experience of their True Nature. Veronica works from a platform of experience that involves many years of training yoga teachers, holding transformational retreats, online programs and powerful one to one sessions, working with people from all walks of life.

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