Yoga Teacher Training – Can It Help You?

Embarking upon  YTT – Yoga Teacher Training is a gift. A gift initially to yourself and secondly to everyone around you as you learn to develop a deeper understanding as to what it is that makes you tick and in those difficult times of your life, tock.

Yoga is vast. It’s philosophies and structures have a richness and depth that will keep you interested for the rest of your life. You will learn to see yourself as an individual that has a wider connection with the world and if you are interested, beyond that. Whether you have embarked upon training as a possible career change, as a tool for self-development or if you are on a one yogi journey towards Samadhi (enlightenment) is wonderful. All of it adds value to your life.


In times gone by skills were passed on from teacher to student. ‘Parampara.’ is a Sanskrit word that denotes the principle of transmitting knowledge in its most valuable form; knowledge based on direct and practical experience. This is the basis of the development of modern YTT courses, obviously with a few practical tweaks here and there.

‘The yogi managing a full-time job and the pressures of life is no less important than the yogi who uninterruptedly travels the path to enlightenment.’

You are no longer required to devote your entire life to becoming a yoga teacher but it does require a commitment to explore your values and beliefs. The skills and knowledge you learn along the way are easily applied in other walks of life. This is the ultimate aim. To take your practice off the mat. Some students leave YTT with more questions than they arrived with. That’s the beauty of yoga, it encourages you to see the world through a wider lens.

  • second foundation teacher facebook adFoundation YTT is usually between 200 and 250 hours and offers the budding yogi knowledge on breathing, asana, (postures) anatomy, movement, philosophy and a solid basis on which to build a self-practice; a fundamental requirement in becoming a teacher. Your own practice is where you explore and learn about yourself. It’s where you begin to apply the principles of the 8 limbs.
  • Advanced TrainingAdvanced YTT is 300 hours and will broaden your knowledge further. There will be more pranayama (breath work), deeper anatomical and soft tissue focus, advance asana work, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality. It might incorporate fun elements like acro yoga which are fundamentally trust building asanas. Some schools offer modular training and electives which are ideal if you have a specific area of interest that you wish to develop.

A Beautiful Support System

On top of all that, yoga brings with it an unusual and beautiful support system. During your training, you will build friendships and links with people often referred to as your extended yoga family. You can travel far and wide exploring, teaching and experiencing yoga.  It’s a relatively safe way to travel for single yoga students. It offers a fairly simple way of life and ultimately it will awaken your inner spirit and help you to become a better version of yourself.


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