Goal Setting and Energy Medicine workshop – Dr. Anthony Sharkey

“Manifest your Goals – without a struggle”

If your goals for 2019 are to have any chance of manifesting your first step is to get clear on what those Goals actually are. How can you create this clarity?

You learn goal setting skills.

These skills give you extreme clarity on what you are committed to have happen in your life and exactly what you need to do to make that life happen.

For most of us, this clarity doesn’t happen so easily or quickly – it requires focused, undistracted time and space.

You could set such time and space aside for yourself at home but will you?

The goal setting workshop is a gift to yourself of this time and space.

Why might your Goals not manifest even though you are totally clear and committed to them?

One word: Doubt.

If you think about how you would like your life to be, what happens on the inside?

Do you feel 100% confident that this life will happen or is there the tiniest hint of doubt?

Any feeling of doubt suggests that the natural flow of your creative energy is having a metaphorical ‘fuse’ blown in it.

This means that no matter how wonderful you imagine 2019 to be your efforts to manifest it will be undermined and you’ll feel this as the tension of struggle – that is until you fix that fuse.

Energy Medicine techniques are a way to quickly mend any ‘blown fuses’ in the flow of your creative energies

Energy Medicine techniques are a set of self – help strategies which you can apply to your goal setting efforts.

They combine Chinese and Western medical theory and practice, practically oriented understandings from Neuroscience, best practice Western psychotherapy theory, Buddhist philosophy and Insight Meditation practice and Western Habit change theory.

They don’t involve Yoga poses, Breathing techniques, Tai Chi, Meditation, talking in any detail about what’s going on, thinking differently, reframing, catharsis, bodywork, journalling or any of the usual ways you might think of changing yourself.

They don’t even look like any of the usual self-help approaches.

Instead, they involve gently touching, tapping or stroking your body (mostly your head and chest) with focused intent.

Doing them tends to immediately resolve any block the natural flow of your creative energy. They work for about 90% of people.

Essential Details About The Weekend

Who is the weekend for?

It’s for you if you are already on a personal development journey and you want to add Goal Setting and Energy Medicine techniques to your already existing toolbox of self-help techniques.

You can also feel free to teach what you learn on the weekend to your students, friends, and family.

What will you get from the weekend?

Two simple outcomes

Outcome 1: Massively increase the chances of your goals happening quickly and effortlessly.

Learn the skill of setting Goals for yourself and how to apply Energy Medicine techniques to the process

Outcome 2: Tools and support to keep you practicing after the workshop.

If you don’t have a plan for your life somebody else does. How to keep your focus on your goals in the midst of a busy life.

Bonus: My ongoing support to help you to keep the momentum of the weekend up for as long as possible

Outcome 1: The workshop

Clarifying your Goals for 2019 and making them happen without a struggle

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover

  • ‘Wholistic Goal Setting’ this includes all the standard Goal-setting steps but adds questions like ‘How will you feel if your goals don’t manifest?’ and ‘What will you do after all your goals have manifested?
  • Learn step-by-step Energy Medicine techniques to remove any blocks that might slow down or stop your goals from manifesting
  • How to identify a small number of ‘Wildly Important Goals’ – goals which are ambitious enough to motivate you but not so big that they overwhelm you
  • Why affirmations are the old way of transforming yourself and why asking yourself the right questions results in faster and more permanent change
  • Learn why if you want to do work which deeply satisfies you ’Follow your passion’ and ‘Do what you love and the money will follow’ is terrible career advice which mostly leads to major frustration and unhappiness. Instead learn what advice has been tried and tested and has been proven to actually work in the real world.
  • Energy Medicine first-aid tools you can use for yourself, your family, friends and Yoga students to immediately relieve the inevitable emotional pains of life
  • The five-minute Energy Medicine  routine to strengthen your immune system and to keep the subtle energies of your body and mind humming throughout the day no matter how busy you are

Why ‘Letting Go’ and ‘Surrendering’ your problems are nice sounding concepts but impossible to do and why becoming the kind of person ‘where problems let go of you’ works much better

Outcome 2: After the workshop

How to create a supportive home environment which totally supports you to achieve your goals. This is not just a nice add-on but is essential if you are serious about having your goals manifest.

  • How to get yourself to practice anything (Energy Medicine techniques, focus on your goals, Yoga etc) especially when you don’t feel like it and your tendency is to procrastinate
  • Understand how your brain will tend to sabotage your efforts to change.  Learn a technique based on deep neuroscience which takes 5 seconds to apply and is guaranteed to reverse this tendency
  • Understand how opening your mouth and complaining keeps you focused on what you don’t want and how to start practicing the “21-day No Complaint Challenge”.  This will instantly make your goal setting more effective (as well transforming all of your relationships)
  • Don’t work alone: Why it’s more effective to work with others to manifest your goals and how to do this
  • How to ritualise your goal setting efforts so they aren’t something you do haphazardly
  • Why using social media in a habitual way erodes your capacity to achieve your goals and what you can do about this
  • My favourite online tools to keep a daily focus on my Goals
  • Notes on all the exercises to take away with you after the weekend so that you can keep connected to the material.


A substantial price reduction on my summer 4-day residential retreat “Tools for total life transformation”. Think of it as part two of the weekend and a way of maintaining your momentum into the summer.

  • A 90 min group check-in Skype call four weeks after the weekend to help you keep connected to the material and the energy of the group
  • Email access to myself for four weeks after the weekend. Get any questions or clarifications you might have about your process answered immediately so that nothing is slowing you down

What others have said

“I have been a workshop junkie for years. Anthony’s workshops are the most profoundly transformational I have ever attended. Before his workshops I am one person, after his workshops, I am another. He is Ireland’s best-kept self-development secret. Get to ANY of his workshops if you have a chance”.

– Donal Quirke. BA Psychology, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

“ What I loved about Anthony’s workshop was how we focused on only one skill for the whole weekend. He broke what seemed like complicated stuff down to simple to understand pieces so that  the end of the weekend I had the promised skill – I could confidently set goals do Energy Medicine techniques on myself and my friends and family”

– B. Previous workshop participant

“I had a memory that had been bothering me big time for 30 years – this was despite doing massive amounts of psychotherapy etc! Moments after I learned the Energy Psychology techniques the painful charge on it disappeared completely.  I can’t remember ever feeling so positive about getting into a new relationship. Amazing! Thank you!”

– R. previous workshop participant

“I shared how to do the ‘ 21-day No complaint challenge’ and the Energy Medicine techniques with my 19-year-old son. They are having a really positive effect on him – he sleeps a lot better and seems to be much more positive. Interestingly I think his friends are being affected – they all seem to be more positive too!”

-Susan. Previous course participant

“It was a is a pleasure to be taught by Anthony – he was so present to us all and held the space with so much warmth and confidence. I feel so much more confident about my future now, it all seems much more doable and possible”

– Barbara. Previous workshop participant

“When I commit to doing a  workshop I want to know that I am getting value for money. Even though I didn’t really know that much about Energy Medicine I decided to go for it. During the workshop, I focused on attracting a well-paid position to myself  and since the workshop that has happened.”

-Jennifer. Previous workshop participant

“With the best will in the world, I do find it hard to make time for myself when there are so many things vying for my attention on a daily basis.  The course allowed me to do just do that!  It provided an oasis of calm to breathe, relax and centre myself and gave me the tools to incorporate it what I learned into a daily practice.”

– Louise. Previous workshop participant


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