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Deepen your practice and learn to teach

So you have the 200 hours training and you’re teaching great classes. What Now? Now it is time to advance your career and go to the next level with a 300-hour yoga teacher training course.

Join us on Saturday, 22nd Jan, 2022 to learn more about our upcoming advanced yoga teacher training.

Take this opportunity to meet with a few of the teachers who feature on this diverse and advanced 300hr offering at the elbowroom. This free online event will give you the opportunity to meet with some of the teachers hear them speak and ask them any questions you might have about furthering your development in your Yoga training.

Our 300hr advanced teacher training comprises of eleven expertly designed modules. Our aim is to:

  • help you deepen your personal practice of yoga asana, meditation and mantra,
  • expand your understanding of yoga philosophy,
  • explore classical and contemporary methods applied to yoga practice in order to help students overcome limitations and accelerate their recovery from an injury or ease pain and discomfort,
  • provide training specialising in a particular area, such as restorative yoga, myofascial yoga and trauma yoga, to name just a few,
  • equip you with business and entrepreneurial skills that will benefit your personal and professional development as well as accelerate your business growth,
  • offer a supportive environment


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