A Woman Centered Birth Plan: Plain and Simple

Lisa Wilkinson talks about the need to create a birth plan. Have a look at her plans below. If you are planning on trying for physiologically normal birth, I do recommend looking into The elbowrooms Prep For Birth Workshops with Krysia Lynch who also hosts our Advanced Pregnancy Teacher Training Module 2 which teaches how to teach these workshops to soon to be familys!

Lisa wilkinson – Birth Plan 2003 & 2009 Version 1

Keep me at home to birth my baby. I know it’s the safest place.

Lisa Wilkinson – Birth Plan 2003 & 2009 Version 2 (should I transfer to hospital)

As I intend to arrive in the late throws of labour, my ability to articulate may be somewhat hindered. Therefore I would like to express how grateful and respectful I am, for the dedicated art of midwifery. And excited to have a midwife enthused by physiologicaly natural birth to help our baby into this world.

I understand that things don’t always go to plan and if there is a medical emergency requiring interventions, then I trust in your ability to give me the best care and also to discuss them all to get informed consent. (Please see note at the end).

I am happy to have an internal examination to determine how my labour is progressing and to be put on a monitor in an upright position to see how my baby is coping. If I am early on in labour and less than 3 cm, I would like to go home to continue.

Waters breaking
If my waters have broken and there is no indication of meconium, with all other vitals being good, I would like to wait at least 72 hours before discussing any interventions. I wish to decline any antibiotics unless there is indication of infection. I am aware of any risks.

I request that both my doula and partner attend our birth along with a midwife. As I am going into a deep state of relaxation, I would like any questions directed to my partners and keep interruptions to the bare minimum. Help protect my bubble of calm x

I would like to labour in a position of my choice with no further vaginal examinations unless there is a medical indication that mine or my babies vitals signs are not looking good.

I have chosen breath and focus as my tools for labour and request not to be asked about any other forms of pain relief. If I request them, you will know what to do…. Try and distract me until I am ready to push (-:

At no stage do I want my labour to be speeded up if both myself and baby are doing well.

2nd Stage
If there is a latent stage before I feel the urge to push. I am happy to just relax and enjoy the break. I do not want a VE to determine if I am fully dilated. As a midwife, I know you can tell where I am in the dance of labour by observing and listening to me.

I wish to push in the upright position of my choice using my instincts to know when to push and your gentle guidance to protect my perineum. I do not want my pushing to be managed (ie FTP forced to push or valsalva breath holding).

I would prefer to tear naturally if this is going to occur rather than have an episiotomy. And for a first degree tear to be left to heal naturally.

Baby’s plan
I wish my cord to be left in tact until it has stopped pulsing. I want to be delivered to my mummies stomach/chest with no cleaning. I am planning to breastfeed and trust your knowledge of the importance of skin to skin. Any examinations with the me should be performed in my mothers arms. Once I have a nappy on we are not going to dress but wrap up together and remain that way.

Unless there is an indication of blood loss, I wish my placenta to be given time to come out naturally. Please don’t ask mum about this choice when I am born. She will be emotional and knackered. This is what she wants, but may be too tired to negotiate this fact.

Here are some appendixes to have to hand but not with your birth plan.

If I do end up with a c-section, I request:

  • the drapes dropped as the baby emerges.
  • the baby delivered to my skin if everyone is doing well
  • my babies stays at my chest from then on – no separation whilst being stitched up or in recovery
  • same applies re the skin to skin previously

Breastfeeding – save this for the post natal ward
I understand that it takes at least 72 hours for the volume of my milk to increase. I will be practicing skin to skin and sleeping with my baby to encourage this. If my baby does have a medical need for supplementation, this should be delivered with a cup, spoon or syringe. Not a bottle. The same applies if I am separated from my baby at any stage.

Note – All medical interventions require my consent including but not limited to sweeping of my membranes,  ARM (artificial breaking of waters), Episiotomy, Pethedine and FTP. I do not want any of these performed routinely and only to be used in a medical emergency.


Please feel free to use and edit as you chose for your individual birth plan. For more info on Advanced Pregnancy Teacher Training click here or contact our Training Coordinator Moya!

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