Sling and bling – Tips for wearing your baby

In addition to helping infants develop emotionally and socially, baby slings also meet their physical needs. Babies need and enjoy motion. In the womb, they become accustomed to the sound of mother’s heart pumping blood and to the feeling of being confined in a small space.  If you are looking for some tips or just plain adult company, join us in a relaxed environment at our sling cafe enjoy a coffee or treat and, where you can meet other mums and our baby wearing expert Billie. 

A few tips for baby wearing

  • Chose a sling that maintains the healthy C-shape of your baby’s spine
  • It should be snug enough that they don’t slump when they’re in it, especially while they are sleeping
  • The back of your babies head should be supported, especially for newborns
  • The sling should support their hips in what is known as the M position where their bottom sits lower than their knees. It should also support their legs from hip to the back of the knee
  • There are many different varieties of slings. One size doesn’t fit all so take the opportunity to try a few. Sling meetings and cafe’s are a great opportunity to share and try
  • Your baby should be in view and close enough to kiss
  • Their chin should be off their chest in order not to restrict breathing
  • Back slings are unsafe for small babies and should be avoided

If you have any questions, please come along and enjoy our direct trade organic coffee, delicious cakes and truffles or freshly made juices at our Juicebar which is hosting this months Sling Café

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