They won’t let me go past 40 weeks… myths and tips on Induction

We hear this time and time again in class: They won’t ‘let’ me go past 40 weeks. I’m not ‘allowed’ to go over. I’m measuring big and they won’t let me go past 40 weeks.  I only have 40 weeks because I’m an ‘older’ mum.

Here at The elbowroom, we can’t give you medical advice as we are not medics, but what we can do is remind you that it is always YOUR choice. You must consent to an induction.  It cannot be ‘done’ to you against your wishes.

You must make an informed choice and to do that, you need to educate and inform yourself and discuss it with your caregiver.

A great place to start is this evidence-based article on Induction by

The bottom line is if there are no major risk factors, the baby is healthy and happy in there, there’s a good supply of fluid around baby, mum is healthy and happy to stay pregnant for another few days (and it is usually only another few days!) then there isn’t a medical reason for induction.

We can also share with you many helpful tips with regard to getting spontaneous labour going.

Here’s 3 For Starters


  • Get baby into Optimal Position for Birthing color (2)the ‘optimal position for birth’ or LOA in medical terms. That’s head down, spine tucked into the left, baby looking over at mums right hip. This helps by keeping pressure against the cervix which, along with contractions, is what makes it open.
  • Eat dates: Medical studies have shown that women who consume 6 dates a day from 36 weeks to birth dilate quicker and have shorter labours and less requirement for induction/augmentation.
  • Reflexology and or Acupuncture: Both have a great success rate at helping the cervix to efface and prepare for labour, reducing the risk of coming under induction pressure. The elbowroom Clinic has a very popular cervical ripening programme to help you on your way.


If you are interested in learning more about how to support expectant mothers and induction during pregnancy, our new Advanced Pregnancy Module for Supporting women through spontaneous birth/ induction with Lisa Wilkinson & Sam Taylor is a great opportunity to explore and learn.

Advanced Pregnancy Teacher Training starts April 27th, Individual module booking available.

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