Drop The Botox! How Facial Acupuncture Can Slow Down Ageing

Can Acupuncture really replace Botox?

The desire to slow down the ageing process is common to all. Interventions like Botox work well for filling in lines but leave the ageing of the body and skin unaffected. What we really want is to put the brakes on the ageing process in the whole body.

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture works directly on lines by making the skin produce keratin and collagen to plump out wrinkles.

Combined with acupuncture on the body, which is proven to increase circulation in the micro capillaries, the skin is perfused with nourishment and moisture right up to the skin surface, leaving you with a glowing, even complexion after every treatment. Not only does circulation increase in the skin on the face but all through the organs too, rejuvenating the entire body.

Clare treats not just the outside but also the inside. Facial acupuncture reduces lines while body acupuncture reduces signs of fatigue like under-eye bags, dull complexion or redness in eyes and around the nose. Clare looks at the particular areas of the face that the client wants to work on. She uses Chinese facial diagnosis to identify the mental-emotional tendencies that create our unique facial patterns. She then chooses a point prescription that soothes the organs associated with those patterns to leave the client feeling relaxed and refreshed.

For example, vertical lines between the eyebrows indicate stress and frustration experienced over time. By reducing inflammation in the liver, the mind becomes calm and this area of the face relaxes, supporting a more youthful look.

The facial needles are so extremely fine that they are inserted using tweezers. This is so that they only stimulate the dermal layer without disturbing the underlying tissues or vasculature, as body needles penetrate at a slightly deeper level.

These sessions not only make us look younger in the face but by regulating hormone cycles and immune system functioning, clients get their beauty sleep and reduce ageing inflammatory processes, often reporting a trimmer jaw and waistline.

After particularly stressful periods of our lives, we may notice the ageing process has suddenly accelerated. This can be brought back to normal levels within a few treatments. 3-6 weekly treatments are necessary to achieve an effect that lasts for many months. Acupuncture is excellent used regularly as an anti-aging intervention to look and feel younger for longer, plus it’s the ultimate treatment for an upcoming event.

Upon your consultation, Clare will assess each angle of your life which may be causing you to age prematurely. She will then carefully select a treatment to best suit your particular symptoms and work with you to create a plan which will leave you feeling and looking youthful, refreshed and revitalised.

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