Abdominal Separation

Studies show that 39% of women after giving birth, their rectus abdominis muscles do not come back together.

How do I check for abdominal separation?

If you lie on the floor and contract your abdomen by doing a sit up and you can fit more than one finger in the central gap between your six-pack muscles, you probably have abdominal separation otherwise known as diastasis recti. At the elbow room, we provide a free diastasis check.

What will happen if my abdomen muscles don’t return to normal?

Mummy Tummy – Is that appearance of a belt of jelly around your midriff.

Not dangerous but can make you feel self-conscious is when the gap is quite wide, and the digestive tract starts to push through creating a hernia.

Treatment – How we can help you Recover from diastasis

use a combination of support belts, specific exercises and special taping techniques to strengthen and reconnect your muscles.

It generally takes 6 weeks for your muscles to come back together. Immediately you will feel stronger, more toned and feel a reduction in any diastasis related back problems.

If you would like to make an appointment please contact the clinic on 01 677 9859.

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