5 Ways Our Postnatal Classes Benefit New Mums

Mum & Baby postnatal classes take place at the elbowroom 3 mornings every week.

You can chose from Mum & Baby Yoga or Mum & Baby Pilates. The major difference is that Mum & Baby Yoga features postures and engagement for both mum and baby, while Mum & Baby Pilates is a class just for mums. Baby is cared for, in the same room, as mum is taking her postnatal Pilates class.

Which ever option you prefer (all are covered by our class passes), each class caters for the post-partum mum. Each class features gentle yet effective exercise, targeting important post-partum areas like the pelvic floor and the abdominal region.

Here are 5 ways you’ll benefit physically:

1.You’ll get your pelvic floor back in order

Both postnatal classes focus on gently bringing you back to your trampolining self!  That woman who could laugh freely? Remember her? On a serious note being a new mum is exhausting and those all important pelvic floor exercises are easily forgotten. Our classes not only remind you to do them but will show you different ways to work them into your every day life!

2. You’ll work your abdominal region without over-working it

Separation of the abdominal muscles after pregnancy and birth is common and normal.  Its important however, to understand how you can help these muscles knit back together without aggravating the separation. Our postnatal classes will show you exactly what to do and what not to do.

3. You’ll strengthen your lower back and relieve back pain 

Mum & Baby Yoga and Mum & Baby Pilates classes feature a lot of different exercises to help strengthen and support the lower lumbar region. Working your core and pelvic floor in these classes will go a long way towards relieving those aches, pains and stiffness.yoga-baby

4. You’ll relieve shoulder stiffness 

The shoulders are often a trouble area for new mums, especially those who are breastfeeding. Our classes will teach you how to stretch out and relieve tension in the shoulders, helping you to feel looser and less stressed and uptight.

5. You’ll stretch and un-furl

Sometimes in the postnatal period you can feel like your curling up and shrinking!! Postnatal classes at the elbowroom will help you stretch out all those leg muscles you haven’t used in a while without exhausting yourself!


Our postnatal classes also have lots of benefits to mum & baby apart from the obvious physical ones. It’s important to get out and about after your baby is born and these classes give you a safe and stress free place to go and meet other mums!

Our postnatal classes are all available on a drop-in basis so why not come along and try one out? You can book a spot here.


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