5 things you won’t get from a hospital antenatal class

Is the hospital antenatal class worth doing?  Do I need to do something else as well? Where can I go if the hospital antenatal class doesn’t suit me?

Here at the elbowroom, we believe that its important to do an independent antenatal course, one not affiliated to any hospital.  Why?  Well, because the hospital will give you the hospital line…when to go in, what pain relief to take, what interventions are necessary from the hospitals point of view.

An independent class or workshop like Preparing for Birth will tell you everything else!

Here’s 5 things you’ll get from an independent antenatal class:

1. Empowerment

Often the hospital antenatal class will be delivered in a language and tone that establishes a power relationship between a mum-to-be and her caregiver.  “We won’t let you go more then 12 days over” who hasn’t heard that one before?  An independent antenatal class will do the complete opposite.  At our one-day antenatal workshop we inform mum and her partner and help them empower themselves with knowledge.

2. an understanding of informed decision making

Birth can often throw you difficult decisions  – should I go in to the hospital yet?  Should I take pain relief etc.  We believe it is crucial for mum to make these decisions herself based on best practice and evidence.  Not because she feels badgered or has been led to believe she doesn’t have a choice.  This is called informed decision making.  You cannot make an informed decision unless you are informed, and that means on all aspects – the benefits, the risks, the alternatives.

3. An alternative plan

Couples attending our Preparing for Birth workshop have often arrived in with some kind of plan for their labour and birth in their head and left with a totally different one!  Recently I had a couple in the workshop who believed their only option for the birth of their twins was via caesarian section.   3 weeks after attending our workshop, this mum gave birth, vaginally, to two beautiful healthy babies!

4. an idea of how holistic and alternative treatments can help

You will not get accurate information about the benefits of alternative therapies from the hospital antenatal class but these can make all the difference!  Acupuncture, reflexology, osteopathy and cranio-sacral therapy, homeopathy and massage can help mums avoid induction, have quicker labours and better births in general.

5. the confidence to labour at home as long as possible

This is the key to a better hospital birth.  The key!  To find out more just come to Preparing for Birth: Positive Birth Antenatal Workshop.  The next one is January 7th 2017.

Looking forward to seeing you there!




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