5 Unexpected Benefits of Practicing Pilates

We all know that Pilates helps strengthen your core. Most people will be aware of the fact it helps improve your flexibility. Basically your body will look tight and toned with a regular practice. What many people aren’t aware of are some of the extra benefits Pilates brings. 

If you’re considering a Pilates foundation course, here’s a list some of the lesser known benefits of practicing Pilates:


One of the first things you’ll be thought in Pilates is to control your breathing. Proper breathing is essential in Pilates as it helps you execute movements with maximum power and efficiency. What a lot of people don’t realize is that learning to breathe properly can reduce stress and mental fatigue. Paying attention to and deepening your breath may be the most readily available and effective stress reducing exercise. Deep breathing has many benefits: It calms the nervous system and relaxes the body. It is also rejuvenating as it refreshes your blood with new oxygen and stimulates the internal organs.


Pilates move the body in all directions. With most of us sitting all day (probably slouching), Pilates provides a much needed rotation of the spine. Any onmy bad back resizede can benefit from having a flexible spine. The same can be said about the shoulders. Typical exercises work the muscles around the shoulders which can leave them feeling tight. Pilates strengthen the shoulder muscles around the joint, encouraging shoulder joint mobility.


As we get older we start to shrink. Scary, I know! This is due to our spine compressing because of gravity.  What Pilates does is it creates a longer, leaner look by loosening the muscles in your chest and strengthening and lengthening the muscles in your back and neck.


Pilates stimulates the spine and muscles in your core, and gets your circulation flowing. When your body is engaged and breath is flowing, you tend to become more energetic. People are often surprised by the fact that they’re tired going into a Pilates class and full of energy once it’s finished


Becoming one with your body by way of thinking about how you’re moving, helps to create better connections. It’s much harder to zone out when you are doing focused exercises. This will, in turn, increase your brain function.

The elbowroom will be starting a new Foundation Pilates on Monday the 27th June which means you’ll be able to see these benefits in action, first hand.


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