Therapeutic Yoga For Children (Training)- Q & A With Inés Lawlor

Here’s a quick question and answers session with Inés Lawlor, the co-ordinator of our Therapeutic Yoga For Children Training course.

Who is the course For?

Inés: This course is for qualified kids yoga teachers, occupational therapists, parents, SNAs, caregivers and school teachers who want to help with children with additional needs. Dealing with kids with Down’s syndrome along with Autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, DCD Dyspraxia and emotional behavioural difficulties will be covered during the course.

Can you tell us a bit more about the course?

Inés: We will be looking at supporting development along with sensory and motor issues for these kids. We will then teach you how to tailor a yoga session to meet their needs, as well as general adaptations for a group yoga class. We will cover research on the use of yoga for kids with these conditions, how to set specific goals and suggested yoga sequences to each group of kids.

Where did the idea for the course come from?

Inés: Lisa Wilkinson has a special interest in working with children with additional needs and offers 1:1 sessions and group sessions. I’m an experienced Occupational Therapist and specialised in working with kids with additional needs. Since 2003 I have worked in various settings with children with learning, sensory, behavioural and developmental delays. I’m fascinated by the sensory system and the impact of sensory loss or poor sensory integration on children’s participation in everyday activities. Since coming back to yoga after having my own children, I can see the benefits on my own sensory system and also the overlaps with the types of movements used in other types of intervention use in occupational therapy such as sensory integration therapy or sensory motor programmes.

Together Lisa and I are hoping that this course will provide participants with another piece to their toolkit which will help provide a fun, accessible, way to meet the needs of children with additional needs and will help them to maximise their potential.

Can parents attend this course?

Inés: Yes. I strongly believe in empowering parents with the basis that a parent is the true expert of their child. You do this by giving them information and understanding about their child’s condition with easy, cost efficient, practical solutions. I feel this course will offers that.

And I understand you are published and have a book out now?

Inés: It’s my opinion that inclusion comes from everyone understanding their strengths, needs and preferences. In my book’ Max and Me- a story about sensory processing I am trying to help all children (and adults) understand their own sensory systems a little better, so there wouldn’t be a need to differentiate the child with a diagnosis from the other children in the class/family.

We are hoping to run workshops based on the book in The elbowroom soon so keep an eye on the website for upcoming details.

If you are interested in joining Inés and Lisa on this fantastic course please contact Places on this course are limited so early booking is recommended.



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