The Rotunda: Madder than the mad hatters tea party

I am going to tell you a story. Neither a farce or tragedy. But both.

A mystery some might say: so unbelievable we need your help to solve it #‎freethecupcakedozen

Once upon a time a group of mothers wanted to show their love for midwives.

Demonstrating an annual appreciation of the amazing dedication of midwives on international midwifery day, The elbowroom baked and distributed boob cupcakes to all the Dublin maternity hospitals. And this year the incredible Emily included independent midwives in her rounds.

The elbowroom have vehemently  promoted midwifery care as by the only rational option for the 3000 plus pregnant women we have met in the last 13 years. Even those with pregnancy complications, we believe there is a imperative role for midwives.

Little do people know that midwives are often under extreme pressure from their managers to follow hospital policy and get women moving at quickly as possible, even if procedures have no basis with best practices and research. The fact is the system is so overstretched that it is failing both women and midwives.

Sadly this management style results with the profession of midwifery taking second stage moving them to a role of obstetric nursing.  Often undervalued: always overworked and underpaid. And stories they tell me of the bullying beggars belief.

To support midwives, and the stresses of their profession, we at The elbowroom have offered a 20% discount on classes for over 10 years. We have trained more than 50 to become pregnancy yoga teachers, confirming the love for their profession and adding strings to their busy bows. We offer free restorative yoga as a small way to help deal with the unfathomable stresses of work.

Yes, we love midwives.

Back to the story.

Off went Emily with her adorable 6 year old boy to deliver cupcakes. First to Holles street. A great reception ensued. Tweets and facebook posts of midwives noshing into the boobie cakes flew around social media. Midwives cooed over the boy, him being delighted to brag about being born there.

micheleNext the Coombe. The delighted midwives wouldn’t let Emily go. She had to stay for lunch. She got a photo with a hero Michele Odent during a conference. Great love and warmth for the treat. Mutual appreciation. Happy international midwives day.

Now to the Rotunda. Both my babies born there. Many memories. Asking permission from the security guard buns were delivered to outpatients, and a nurses station. Great. Job done. Midwives again delighted.

Booby Traps

But before the buns reached midwives lips #‎cupcakegate happened.

Just like the sweet sniffer in chitty chitty bang bang, the buns were rounded up, confiscated and imprisoned by management. WTF.

Interned to the managers desk, a cake inquiry was started. How could this happen?

The rumours are circulating.

Was it because The elbowroom put a leaflet in the box? Having the neck to list often scant services for pregnant women and new mums. Is this a crime? Ignoring the fact a large number of midwives know who we are and take our leaflets when they can.

Was it trespass? No permission from security granted.

Was it because midwives don’t like cake? Or dare I say – they don’t deserve cake. International midwives day or not – they have orders to follow and jobs to do. Could it be they don’t have the respect they deserve? Imagine that!

Or was it because the large group of pregnancy instructors at The elbowroom tirelessly strive to empower women with the idea of confirmed consent?  Was it because we encourage women to question routine hospital policy and instead make their own choices and follow best evidence. Perhaps honouring the traditional art of midwifery and explaining to women they have a right to refuse routine induction, augmentation, and persistent vaginal examinations is a step too far?

Was it because our mothers know that the policy of a pressuring women to a 12 hour labour is a fallacy?

Who knows. After all this is a farce AND a tragedy.

The story has reached the UK – check out White Rabbit’s blog. 

Open statement to the mealy mouth who confiscated the buns.

OffWithHerHead-SWWhat can I say? Off with her head. I would like to state I WANT THE CUPCAKES BACK. They are not for you. Either you give them to the midwives or give them back to me. If you have scoffed them you wont hear the end of this. #‎freethecupcakedozen

If I don’t get them back by Monday – I promise to bake a massive vulva cake to arrive at your door. It will. And read into it what you will. See you next Tuesday…… Shame on you.

The end.

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