Pilates Foundation Course

pilates for beginners

Want to try a new way of exercising? Pilates supports good posture, improved strength and flexibility in the muscles. It also helps protect your back and is great for rehabilitation and prevention from injury.

What is Pilates?

The Pilates method was developed by Joseph Pilates who embarked on a journey to fix his back problems. He did this by developing a series of exercises and equipment inspired by the ancient arts of Yoga, Chinese Martial Arts and Western physical culture.

Pilates is an effective and efficient method of movement conditioning. It looks at the body as a whole and therefore exercises are designed to strengthen, tone and stretch every major muscle group. Pilates stimulates all your core muscles, particularly the transversus abdominis (deep abdominal wall) which supports your spine during everyday activities such as walking, running, sitting and lifting.

Exercise is important to your overall well-being and many studies say that people who exercise on a regular basis have a better quality of life. If you are wanting to try a new way of exercising but are not sure where to start then pilates may be for you.

Following a structured course will ensure that you are performing your exercises correctly and more safely.

Pilates Foundation Course

At The elbowroom we offer a foundation course for complete beginners. Designed by Peter McCallum, Pilates for beginners is a great introduction to this form of exercise. Join our upcoming course starting on the 26th of January 2022.

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