Musical Mini-Jam & Baby Jam

Join our ever popular Music classes for toddlers & babies. Great for kids who are walking steadily up to 3.5 years old. Mini Jam is a fun and interactive music, singing, and movement class starts at 10.30am each Friday and 10.30am on Wednesdays.

We also run a class for babies at 11.30am on Fridays a fun and interactive music, singing and movement class for 0 to wobblers. A great place to rock out with your little bundle & meet new mums.


Babies and toddlers learn more in their first three years than in any other time of their lives, and the skills they develop; spatial awareness, cognitive knowledge, socialisation, fine and gross motor skills, visual understanding, cause and effect, listening and language form the building blocks for the rest of their lives.

Classes are age specific and carefully structured. Mini Jam features a mix of well-known nursery rhymes and action songs. Children also have a hands-on experience with our array of percussion instruments. Mini Jam not only helps your child develop a love of music it will also help children develop language, social, emotional and physical skills.

Teacher Isabel Macedo

I will never forget the day my mom brought me into a yoga class, I was 16 years old and throughout the years, it has been the practice I always went back to. Looking back, those classes gave me great support as a teenager attending an international school. It was during those 4 years in attending that school that I realised that everything related to music, drama, singing, dancing and physical activities involving all sports made me feel alive and fulfilled.

After completing Theatre School for 3 years in my home country, Portugal I decided to see what it was like to live in a different country on my own. I was 21 and Dublin was my choice.

Between acting work, dance and performing courses and workshops I ended up becoming a Gymboree Teacher for 4 years where I taught a wide range of classes from Music, Play& Learn, Sports to Drama. Music was my favourite class to teach as I find it fascinating how universal it is and how responsive babies and children are to it. It’s wonderful to find ways to express our feelings, creativity, curiosity and possibility through the world of sound, melody and movement.

From my acting background, love for physical expression through dance/movement and respect for Yoga practice, I decided to finally take the leap of faith and get my qualification as a Yoga teacher. I completed the 250hr Yoga Teacher Training with the Elbowroom, studying under Susan Church and Melissa Curtis. Currently, I’m deepening my qualifications in yoga and Pilates while teaching Yoga and teaching Mini jam, baby jam at The elbowroom and facilitating this class.


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