Making Food Fun

If your child is approaching the 6 month mark you will be thinking about food.  The when, where, what, how much debate starts in your mind. We all have our own issues with food, lets face it if our waistbands would allows us there are days when we could happily survive on wine and chocolate (oh you totally would).

We don’t want to pass our bad habits onto our kids, and would like them to have a healthy relationship with food without becoming a fussy eater. So making food fun could be the best path for you, whether you are just beginning with baby lead weaning or just bought your first set of school lunch boxes.

a nice example of fun food is Onigiri (Japanese rice balls) they are simple and quick to make, perfect for little fingers exploring the world of food or can be dressed up for exciting school lunchboxes. It may seem initially time consuming but could be a great parent and child activity!

Serves 2 adults and 1 baby 250g

(9oz) (about ¾ of a mugful) Japanese sushi rice
filling of your choice, in small pieces (e.g. salmon, avocado,tinned tuna)
1–2 sheets of nori, cut into strips (optional)

Cook the rice according to the instructions on the packet and allow to cool slightly. With wet hands, take 1–2 tbsp of warm rice and press into your cupped hand (or a small bowl), making a dent in the middle. Put in your chosen filling and mold the rice around it, pressing firmly and ensuring that the filling is completely covered.
Make the onigiri into a ball, sausage shape or triangle, to suit your baby, applying enough force, and adding a little warm water if needed, to stick the grains together firmly (or it will crumble). If you want, you can then wrap the onigiri with a strip of nori.
Serve warm or cold.

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