Getting Ready for the School Run

We know you have uniforms, books and supplies sorted out. But have you put any thought into getting your school morning routine organised? Getting an efficient school morning routine in place as they go back to school is tough. Here are some tips to get you off to a great start.

  • Get it done the night before
    do everything that can be done the night before so it takes most of the pressure off.  Uniforms can be laid out, lunch boxes packed, gather homework and books into bags ready to go. This can also include showers and baths for little ones who need extra help.
  • Have a check list
    Make a list of all the jobs your child needs to do every morning,
    Get Dressed
    Shoes on Feet
    Eat Breakfast
    Brush teeth
    School bag by the door
    remind them everyday to do their jobs until it becomes habit.
  • Learn to delegate
    Obviously the first year of school they need lots of help getting through that jobs list. But as time passes your little ones skills grow so be sure to adjust their jobs list to include new skills.  You can always perfect new skills at the weekends until they can manage by themselves as weekday mornings are way to busy to manage this.
  • Wake up early
    On the first day back to school start your morning 15 minutes earlier than you think you need. Stagger wake up schedules to accommodate adults, older children and children who are just not morning people. In fact it’s a good idea to do this a few days before school starts so that first Monday back isn’t a complete shock to the system
  • Give kids an incentive
    Kids don’t understand that precious 5 minute window for leaving the house without hitting the worst traffic. So give them a little incentive, when you choose your wake up time in the morning, build in a little extra time. So if they finish their check list they have some time to read, TV, computer game or something they would like to do before school.
  • Keep trying
    these guidelines can be played around with until everyone is happy with them including you.

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