How Can Osteopathy Help?

Our resident Osteopath Jonathan Wills (M.Ost ND DO) is one of the few osteopaths in Ireland with a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine.

He studied at the world-renowned British College of Osteopathic Medicine which takes a naturopathic, whole-body approach to osteopathy.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a primary health care system (this is a health care services that is provided outside of a hospital) complementary to other medical practices. It is suitable for almost anyone and can contribute to the treatment and management of a wide range of conditions such as back pain and postural problems including changes due to pregnancy, issues caused by driving or work strain, the pain of arthritis and sports injuries. Osteopaths primarily work through the neuro-musculoskeletal system, mostly on muscles and joints, using holistic and patient-centred approaches.

A core principle behind osteopathy is the idea that the body is an integrated and indivisible whole, and contains self-healing mechanisms that can be utilised as part of the treatment. No part of the body works or can be considered, in isolation. Relevant psychological and social factors also form part of the process of patient diagnosis.

The key tools for osteopathic diagnosis include listening to the patient’s history, examining muscles and joints and observing movements. X -rays, scans and other clinical investigations are also used if required. A wide range of gentle, non-invasive manual techniques such as deep tissue massage, joint articulation and manipulation is applied therapeutically.

What happens on my first visit?

On your first visit with an osteopath, and before the examination begins, Jonathan will discuss and record your medical history in detail.

Jonathan will then apply a highly developed sense of touch to identify points of weakness or excessive strain throughout the body. Further investigations such as an x-ray or blood test may be required.

This will allow a full diagnosis of the problem and will enable Jonathan to tailor a treatment plan for your needs.

Osteopathic-Medicine-300x200You should ask questions if you have any concerns. Osteopathy can help most people, and Jonathan works closely with our other therapists so as to always achieve the optimal results for each person. If further medical treatment is needed Jonathan may contact your doctor, with your permission.

Treatment will be composed of a combination of deep tissue massage work, fascial unwinding, muscle stretching, joint mobilisation, joint manipulations when appropriate and an exercise regime.

Booking Your Appointment

To book an appointment with any of our clinic’s therapists please call 01 677 9859 or email


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