5 ways Yoga helps to manage your stress levels

Our daily lives have certainly evolved since the physical days of hunting and gathering. When we were in tune with nature and the seasons, while chasing our dinner.   Modern life has developed into a busy, stressful, competitive world that has little sympathy for our aches, pains or woes.

So it is up to us to take control of our lives and learn to work with our body and mind to fine-tune our well-being. Try our 2 hour weekend workshops for a complete bliss out. 

Yoga provides a holistic approach to manage stress. The major benefit of yoga is that it combines the practices of several stress management techniques.

5 ways yoga helps with stress

  1. Exercise – yoga exercises mobilise and lubricate the joints in the body, making the body stronger and healthier without injuring ourselves.
  2. Breathing  – in our daily lives, we tend to breathe poorly: we don’t make the most of our lung capacity taking short breaths, we don’t fill our body with the fresh oxygen it deserves. Proper breathing brings us more oxygen and helps removes toxins and carbon dioxide. Breathing intricately controls our emotions and stress level.
  3. Relaxation  When you try to relax, what do you do? Have another drink, turn on the tv and reach for the goody box, go shopping, head into town for a night on the tiles? Oftentimes you feel more tired after doing any of those activities. the corpse pose (the last pose in a yoga class where you lie down on the floor and you often tend to fall asleep!) rejuvenates you both on a physical and mental level.
  4. Diet A yogic diet is a vegetarian and wholesome diet. It gives all the energy, nutrients, vitamins and fibres you need to grow, heal and improve your health. If you don’t want to give up your carniverous ways, include more fruit & veg, they make delicious snacks.
  5. Positive thinking  – The human mind is the strongest muscle in our body and we can make it stronger.  Meditation frees our minds and allows us to re-connect with our emotions and aspirations.

The approach of yoga to manage stress is multidimensional. It not only helps on physical level but also releases stress at the level of mind and improves the energy level of a practitioner. Yoga is a complete approach towards managing stress.

We recommend practicing yoga twice a week, we are also realists and understand that this is not always possible.  Our 2 hour workshops, are a great way to really take quality time out and re-connect the body to the mind.  If you would like more details on any of our workshops contact reception on 01 677 9859  or you can book online for our upcoming classes & weekend workshops. Good Luck with your practice!!


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