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The modern workplace is characterised by tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and long working hours. Even the most relaxed working environments can be stressful, and stressed employees are unproductive.

Practices such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness and therapies such as acupuncture, massage and physio, have been well documented for their capacity to reduce stress and improve health. At work, lower stress equates to greater satisfaction, creativity, productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Our corporate yoga and wellness programs provide Dublin businesses with a constructive, healthy and relaxing way to banish stress from the office. Watch productivity rise as corporate stress levels descend.

We provide private, group and corporate options, so you can always take a moment to yourself in your busy schedule.

What we offer

Support the wellbeing of your workforce

Whether it is in your workplace, in our urban hub at The elbowroom or at our Wicklow mountain venue, we have a solution to support the wellbeing of your workforce.

Workplace Classes

Our office classes address both the broader wellbeing issues that are common within the modern day workplace as well as being tailored to the individual needs of your business. Chose from Yoga and Pilates with styles and levels to suit your group.

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On-demand wellness platform

YoFlicks is Ireland’s largest on-demand wellness platform.

Our online library of curated courses is designed for different levels, types of practices, and goals in mind: be it specific mobility issues in the workplace, increased focus and productivity at work, or simply a fast paced stress relief class after a long day.

With our on demand content designed by top notch teachers and instructors, participants can practice anywhere they go, at their own desired pace.


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Group Discounts at The elbowroom

Group discounts available for your workforce at The elbowroom enjoyed by clients such as Brownbag, WeWork, Rothco and The Law Society. Many organisations chose the option of an unlimited class pass subsidised by your company.

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The Wicklow escape

Corporate Retreats

Our sister Company The Wicklow escape in the West Wicklow Mountains offers day and overnight retreats in a luxury secluded lodge. Chose from expert facilitation, dining and a range of outdoor activities.

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Progressive employers

Your staff are your best assets

Progressive employers are also more likely to attract a greater calibre of recruit – businesses the world over are realising this and incorporating wellness practices into their workplaces.

To see how effectively wellbeing practices translate economically view this government-commissioned research by Pricewaterhouse Coopers which highlights the commercial benefits of wellness initiatives at work – for example, that for each £1 spent, there has been a quantifiable recovery of £4.17 in programme benefits.


for the employes

  • Reduction in sick days (workplace stress now accounts for around 160million lost days per year*)
  • Reduction in stress, anxiety and depression (the leading cause of long-term absence*)
  • Cost-benefit of improved wellness (stress-related absence costs the U.K economy £4billion*)
  • Improvement in the workplace atmosphere
  • Team building – sometimes we need to transcend our hierarchy and connect as equals
  • Accelerated learning and creativity – Yoga practice stimulates right brain function
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Improvement to posture (The HSE estimates that musculoskeletal disorders are responsible for almost 10 million lost working days per annum**)

* Reference: ubcuk “Workplace Stress Costs-4billion”
** Reference: Pricewaterhouse Coopers “Building The Case for Wellness”


for the employee

  • Calming of the nervous system and therefore a clearer
  • Improved workplace atmosphere and rapport with colleagues
  • Improvement to digestion, sleep, energy levels and posture
  • Improvement to family life, relationships, intimacy
  • Relief of emotional frustration
  • Greater connection to your passions (when you are more ’embodied’ you feel more and become more discerning)

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