Tips to get Teens organised

One of most the important skills a teenager needs to learn is the ability to organise and manage their own life. Disorganised teens exhibit a range of behaviours such as;

• Frequently lost papers

• Homework not handed in on time or at all

• A school bag and/or school locker full of crumpled, disorganized papers, textbooks and random objects

• Difficulty breaking down long term tasks or projects

• Procrastination and missed deadlines

• Disruption at home

These behaviours can have a significant impact on their daily living skill, social skills and learning. Organisational skills need to be taught to teenagers and practiced daily.

If you need help to hone these skills join us for Teen Club on Saturday 15th November. We will focus on Organisational Skills. Take some time out, let the professionals weave their magic as they introduce these skills in a fun environment with their peers. Camp is suited to all teenagers, we’re here to maximise their full potential. One of the huge benefits we’ve seen from camp is a boost in kids self esteem and social confidence, we welcome kids with dyspraxia, ADD/ ADHD, sensory processing difficulties.   At all of our Clubs, we ensure that our core values of respect, kindness and team-work are put in action.

We’re running a mindful yoga and mediation to coincide with camp for any mum’s or dad’s who want some quality time out to truly relax.

Top Tips for teens:

  1. Keep a diary – the best kind are ones that have a week on one page, write down deadlines, events or anything important you have to remember in it. Get used to writing in it and check everyday
  2. When you need things replaced or you need to buy things write a list in your diary.
  3. Identify a place or container for each belonging and keep similar items together e.g. pens, pencils, paper.
  4. Colour code or label each drawer or container.
  5. After you have finished with something put it away straight away – being tidy helps you being organised!
  6. Keep a list for regular daily jobs in your room use a chalk board/whiteboard or laminated paper as a reminder for yourself – this may include cleaning face,brushing teeth, tidying room etc.
  7. Keep a school timetable in your room and check you have all your books for the following day’s classes.
  8. Get things ready for school the night before – pack your bag, get clothes out, get any other special things out such as PE gear etc.
  9. Set homework time goals – try not to spend too much time on one subject.

The benefits of having good organisational skills can have a positive affect on their self-esteem, decrease stress and anxiety, improve grades, and also provides the teenager with more free time.

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