Parenting Teens – Being The Calm In The Storm with Aoife Bairead

Parenting teens- Being the calm in the storm

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes! The same can be said for the teenage years; what can appear to be a dramatic and difficult change in your relationship with your child is, in fact, their opportunity to develop the vital tools of adulthood and you, the parent, are their safety net.

This workshop will look at the incredible changes that are happening in your child’s brain, and equip you with tools that you can use to help your relationship with them while supporting them through these milestones. It will help you develop your own critical thinking and reflective capacity, allowing you to maintain the structure and calm in the relationship, and model the behaviour you want your child to develop. Essential to this is the concept of self-care and family care, whether you are parenting alone or in a couple. Making time for and planning for this will be a core part of this workshop.

The workshop is in two parts so you have the opportunity to take these tools home and try them, before coming back and evaluating what works and what doesn’t for your individual family’s needs, and then build on the strengths of this so that you can feel more confident and capable of maintaining a sensitive, responsive and adaptive relationship with your child in their journey to adulthood.

We recommend both parents to come along to work in partnership at this.
This 4-hour workshop costs €79 (10% discount for members)
Course runs over 2 x Saturdays – 10th & 24th March (2.15pm – 4.15pm)

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