Improve children’s conversational skills with home-made Puppets

We are sending a series of great tips from Olive Whelan who will be joining us for our dramatherapy course starting next Weds November 13th. This course is suitable for children with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.

Learn new ways to communicate with your child and help your child improve their conversational skills in a playful environment.

Puppets are an excellent way for children and young people to make sense of their world.

A good idea here is to create your very own puppet. You can make a sock puppet and stick on great big goggly eyes. Wooden spoons – stickers on pencils- a face marked out on the side of the child’s hand all make excellent inexpensive puppets.

You can then use this puppet as follows:

What is your name?  The child or young person can hold the puppet and be the speaker and then swap over and take turns in building improved conversational skills.

If you’d like more details on our upcoming workshops specially designed with Autism Action Ireland, please contact us on 01 677 9859, email or you can book directly online.

Olive Whelan, MA works with Autism Action as their programme co-ordinator Arts Consultant, Practitioner, Specialist in Education Health & Therapy

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