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Eliminating sugar from your diet

The evidence is stacking up continuously that sugar is the addictive poison responsible for a wide range of health issues today. Not only is it highly addictive, but it plays havoc with energy levels, weight management, mood and memory. Join us in a two week sugar elimination program. Learn: Understand the serious effects sugar has […]

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Osteopathic Treatments

Osteopathic treatment while pregnant can ease some of the symptoms typically associated with pregnancy including: Aches and pains (back pain, neck & shoulder pain, muscular tension) Groin, lower abdominal pain Pubic symphysis pain Nausea and vomiting Heartburn How does an osteopath treat you in pregnancy? Osteopaths use a variety of techniques such as joint articulations, […]

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Fertility & Accupuncture

Accupuncture works best when a functional problem is the cause of infertility, specifically when endometriosis, ovulatory problems or hormonal imbalance are the cause for not getting pregnanct.  Studies have proved the effectiveness of accupuncture for infertility. A 2004 study conducted by the Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Center in Colorado found that 51% of women who […]

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What type of posture do you have?

Are you a swayback? A sloucher? Military type? Does your bum stick out a bit too much? Are you hamstrings too tight. Perhaps a stretch workshop would help? The truth is – the way you sit or stand can have a negative effect on your body over time causing niggling aches or worse. Read on […]

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Support your Running: The power of Pilates

Many of us have taken on the couch to 5k challenge for 2014.  Although optimum fitness is on most of our minds, these stormy weather conditions are slowing down progress.  Developing a pilates practice is a great way to keep muscles strong and supple to assist your running regime.  It will keep you focused and […]

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5 ways Yoga helps to manage your stress levels

Our daily lives have certainly evolved since the physical days of hunting and gathering. When we were in tune with nature and the seasons, while chasing our dinner.   Modern life has developed into a busy, stressful, competitive world that has little sympathy for our aches, pains or woes. So it is up to us to […]

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Beat the January blues with our healthy Habits

The last of the Christmas goodies have been scoffed and the New Years tipples have been toppled. We’re ready to crank up the gears and are fighting fit for work and school. Or maybe not.  Are the energy levels somewhere around the thighs, your winter wardrobe not co-operating with the waistline & the mere mention […]

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Forget new years resolutions – 5 tips on making new habits

Just to prove how daft setting new years resolutions can be, here would be mine if I got off from cloud cuckoo land: Eat a raw food diet. Walk for 1 hour a day. Practice yoga for 7 hours per week. Meditate daily. Play constructive games with the children, thus spending more quality time with […]

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Addicted to Food? Break the Spiral

Most of us would love a normal healthy body weight but do find it difficult to achieve.  In theory, weight reduction is simply cutting down on what we eat.  So why is it that we are continuously tempted to overeat? A recent study shows we eat for many reasons unrelated to our daily energy requirements. Many of […]

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